Pure Hydration Testimonials

♦We purchased the Pure Hydration system a couple of months ago at the Green Festival and love it! The water tastes so much cleaner, and I love knowing that the alkaline water I use every day to make fruit infused water is even better for me than before! Thank you for making such an amazing product that is affordable!


♦I want you to know this system is the best thing to happen to me in ages. I can eat almost anything now, my stomach issues with my hiatal hernia are about non-existent and I feel so much better.

My purpose of writing is to send you this photo.  Yesterday the water department did a flush of the water pipes in our development. What scary things came out of the pipes. This is the example. My cups are white – the brown one is what was coming out of the kitchen faucet to which the CosanUSA  is attached to the same cold water valve under the sink. The clear water is what came out of the filter system. If this isn’t proof your system works, I don’t know what is. The two cups of water were drawn within 5 seconds of each other.

Thank you for this marvelous system at an affordable price. God bless you and yours.

♦Thankfully, Linda Nidhan



♦I love my new unit but don’t understand the need for the second faucet. My husband says that it relieves pressure on the internal hoses and will make the unit last longer. We had a friend stop by that knows how to check the pH level and he said the unit was right at 9.5 pH. The first thing we both noticed is that our urine became almost colorless and that neither of us has had any kind of heartburn. I think we are now getting pH balanced and are continually detoxing. We love the taste of the water and are drinking the recommended half our body weight in ounces every day, which isn’t really hard to do and makes a lot of sense.

Brenda Kaye


♦The Pure Hydration system was relatively easy to set up. I connected it to the faucet, so it was very easy to go from regular water to filtered water. So much nicer than having to refill a pitcher repeatedly! Smooth-tasting water with no chlorine taste.