Vita Care Shower System


The Vita Care shower system promotes healthy hair and skin by eliminating the harmful and oxidizing effects of chlorine to the body. Enjoy health benefits of bathing in a chlorine free, antioxidant rich environment, while experiencing the soothing spa-like effect of Vita Care.  It’s more than just a healthy shower…it’s an experience!


Product Description

Antioxidant Shower System

Enjoy the health benefits of bathing in a chlorine free antioxidant rich environment while experiencing the soothing spa-like effects of the new Pure Hydration VITA-CARE Shower System.

The Vitamin C cartridges are formulated with pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C and natural essential oils. Immerse yourself in our proprietary technology that transforms your shower into a captivating massage & aroma filled get away. Enjoy the ultimate spa-like water massage that will leave your whole body refreshed and nourished.

Once you try our Vitamin C aromatherapy shower heads, you will never look at showering the same again! Vita-Care isn’t just any old shower – it’s a whole body experience unlike any shower you’ve ever used. The unique head is designed with over 225 (0.3) micron holes that pressurize the water in the gel chamber delivering it to a ceramic bead chamber that softens the water molecules aiding in delivering a smooth gentle aromatic massage experience.


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